Saturday, May 10

[ Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music ]

It's that bewitching hour of the night where I have my insomnia take over. Whenever I get these nights I tend to reminisce and think back to the easier days. haha... Don't we all though? 

This is going to be a ramble for sure, so please don't mind my nonsense. It is currently 3:30 am and I'm just in this ZONE. Hence I put up one of Chris Brown's old MV. That video got released back in 2012, it is 2014 already; 2 years has gone by. And our dance generation is definitely here to stay, I mean granted the fact I've been into the Trance scene since I was in middle school (i.e. 2002) thanks to my siblings.

 I remember that time I practiced DJ'ing for a bit and I was combining trance/dance with Hip Hop (because I loved them both dearly) and I was telling my friends. THEY gave me the most ridiculous looks like I'm crazy, now look at them. Practically EVERYONE is on the hype. lol. All I'm saying is don't bash on a genre without giving it a try first, that's all. No harm, no foul.

Speaking of rambles, I just got to thinking right now; I really want to get my sleeve (tattoo) already. I've been procrastinating for the longest time. The reason why I've been hesitant is because I know there aren't any good shops in the Bay Area. I want to make a trip down to Los Angeles and hit up the shop I went to before. Out here is just not worth my money... But I don't have the time to make a trip down there, I'm so busy being a mother, full time Personal Beauty Advisor, and just balancing a life with the hubs. Very frustrating because I still want to live MY own life, which has to be put on hold. I'm not saying I'm ungrateful for having such a great beautiful family of my own. But lately I just feel like I haven't gotten appreciated or any sort of balance under some circumstances.

Alright that's enough of my nonsense ramble. Time to get some shut eye, I know Illi is going to wake up like clock work within the next 4 hours or so. I better get some sleep or else I can't catch up with her. She's definitely a ball of fun. haha... EVERYDAY is Mother's day for me. I enjoy it. Very much.

Did I mention I'm going to LAS VEGAS again for this month?? Ya, for work. Certification. WISH ME LUCK!

xo Eva

Sunday, April 20

Sephora Brand Education Summit 2014!

Hello loves!
Here is a quick update where I've been the pass week. I went to Las Vegas, NV on a work related trip. Here are a few quick photos to sum it all up!

Grabbed a quick photo with Caline, my fellow PBA from Walnut.
We were making lipsticks with BITE BEAUTY!

With the infamous Gilbert for Sephora PRO TEAM, it was an honor meeting him!

After a class demo with Anastasia Beverly Hills, Me and Lauren.
Anastasia is such a great idol, she is so REAL and humble.
She still works at her store fronts 3x/week!

Lauren and I with our shot of Champagne to celebrate how much we love BITE BEAUTY!
Their lipsticks are all edible!

Be sure to tune into my VLOG channel for more in depth of my trip!

- xoxo Eva

Saturday, March 8

Product Review: Buxom - Weightless Foundation

[ John Legend - All Of Me (Dash Berlin Rework) ]

Title of product: Buxom - Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation
Purpose: Foundation (Light-Buildable coverage)
Price: $34 USD
Where: Sephora

- Decent price for amount of product
- Great satin finish
- True to title, WEIGHTLESS feel formulation on face
- Buildable coverage!
- Love the packaging
- Wide range of 10 shades

- Would not recommend to Oily Prone skin

I'm in shade "Dim the LIGHT".
Personally, I LOVE this foundation. I got really nothing seriously bad to say about it. My #1 favorite foundation is still Estee Lauder DW, JUST BECAUSE, I am combination/oily skin type; that one controls the shine (thats what its meant for). As for the Buxom it is meant for a more DEWY finish and sheen/satin feel. I don't mind setting it with a powder (I mentally always have to do that anyways, or else I go crazy), I can't get over how WEIGHTLESS it really truly feels on the skin! I was amazed, I'm the type that don't like the feel of makeup or even looking like I have tons of foundation on. THIS, is definitely fallen in my #2 Favorite foundation category. Do not worry my Med-Full coverage folks! This foundation is friendly when it comes to stacking and building up the coverage! NO CAKE!

- Lovevas

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