Saturday, March 8

Product Review: Buxom - Weightless Foundation

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Title of product: Buxom - Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation
Purpose: Foundation (Light-Buildable coverage)
Price: $34 USD
Where: Sephora

- Decent price for amount of product
- Great satin finish
- True to title, WEIGHTLESS feel formulation on face
- Buildable coverage!
- Love the packaging
- Wide range of 10 shades

- Would not recommend to Oily Prone skin

I'm in shade "Dim the LIGHT".
Personally, I LOVE this foundation. I got really nothing seriously bad to say about it. My #1 favorite foundation is still Estee Lauder DW, JUST BECAUSE, I am combination/oily skin type; that one controls the shine (thats what its meant for). As for the Buxom it is meant for a more DEWY finish and sheen/satin feel. I don't mind setting it with a powder (I mentally always have to do that anyways, or else I go crazy), I can't get over how WEIGHTLESS it really truly feels on the skin! I was amazed, I'm the type that don't like the feel of makeup or even looking like I have tons of foundation on. THIS, is definitely fallen in my #2 Favorite foundation category. Do not worry my Med-Full coverage folks! This foundation is friendly when it comes to stacking and building up the coverage! NO CAKE!

- Lovevas

Thursday, January 30

Birthday celebrations & Disneyland!

[ Ellie Goulding - Burn ]

Hello my dearies!

 I know it has been a hot minute since I've updated. Lets keep it short, not much has happened. My birthday recently just passed (1.12) I got to celebrate it with a few close friends from work (: Went to Double Dutch down by Valencia. It was a nice chill night.

Great times with these hotties, what more can I ask for right.

And uhhh I went down to Los Angeles to visit two of my galpals for their birthdays (1.23). We decided to go Disneyland to celebrate it. I will include a few flicks to keep it updated! 

Here we are in California Adventure by their waterfall mountain right near Carsland.

 In Disneyland side enjoying a nice cup of coffee and enjoying each other's company. Gotta love these ladies.

Besides that, my new year was simple; I slept through. haha... Honestly I don't celebrate New years all that much, just Lunar New Years more which is coming up (1.31). I wish you all a very happy new year and do ONE thing different than the previous year. Get out of your comfort zone and change it up one time. Good luck! Until the next post, keep those beautiful smiles shining!



Thursday, November 14

November is here!

[ tae yang - ringa linga ]

hello my loves,
 why yes. it is november; that is definitely a big jump from my last post. not much new with me, honestly, i've just really been enjoying life day by day. i rarely even have time for myself to do anything anymore but sleep and work and live life. i seem to only blog late at night when the entire household is asleep, currently its 1:16am; what can you do .... i'll forever be a night owl on the real. its funny that my daughter, illiana, is like me when it comes to sleep. she's a night owl too, that girl don't fall asleep til midnight! she's barely turning 3 in january!! ain't that some shit. 3 years practically had gone and pass. it's insane when you really put some thought into it. it's nice to know i can still blog even at the age of .... *ahem....25.
 i hate to admit it but quarter of a century old is not what i'm looking forward to, thats because from there on out everything is just down hill. as in i gotta start taking that anti-aging crap more seriously. poop.

any who. enjoy a few flicks from october of me with my halloween faces on instagram. ya, i finally made one. so stop bugging me people! toodles.

- loveva

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